Independent For U.S. House of Representatives


Gary Buchanan for Congress in Montana

Inflation / Economy

The most important problem affecting Montanans right now is high inflation, which causes us to have to pay more for basic goods such as gas and food.  Right now, my efforts are focused on reducing unnecessary federal spending. I want to close tax loopholes that allow many to avoid paying their fair share, making the burden more equitable for all, and helping to fund critical functions of government like public safety, education and our military.  My 43-year career in finance and Chairing both the Montana Banking Board and the Montana Board of Investments makes me very strong on economic issues.

Right to Privacy

The Montana Constitution contains an absolute right to privacy and I would vigorously oppose any attempt to weaken that right. Ultimately privacy is what I will fight for. Government has no business making decisions about our personal lives.
I am pro-choice. A woman’s decision about her body is her own private decision. I support marriage equality. All people deserve the right to love. I am an ally for the LGBTQ + community. All people should feel safe in making decisions in their personal lives and know their decision is private. I will fight for privacy in everyone’s lives.


With gun ownership comes responsibility.  I am a gun owner and support the 2nd Amendment.  As Montanans our rights and our freedoms come with an obligation to be responsible gun owners. Mass shootings in our country have become more common than ever.  Working together on this issue is a responsibility that we owe to our children and grandchildren.

Public Lands

Peoples ability to enjoy recreational activities on public lands is part of what makes Montana such a special place to live. I will NEVER support the transfer of federal lands to either state ownership or private hands. Wildfire management and responsible stewardship of the land are critical in my view to protecting Montanans’ birthright. Responsibly issued grants, permits, and low-interest loans for the timber and agricultural industries keep our forests and wide-open spaces healthy. I was awarded a Lifetime National Honorary Trout Unlimited membership and the Montana Wildlife Conservation annual award for my efforts on clean water, and I would continue my record of service in Congress.

Energy Independence

Right now, European countries are struggling to detach themselves from Russian oil and gas, even as the Kremlin threatens the continent’s stability. I believe that we cannot continue to rely on foreign imports of energy, and we should continue our path toward energy independence with an emphasis on alternative energy. I support an expansion of energy production in all sectors and greater investment in renewable energy technologies.

Domestic and Global Security

Protecting our democracy from internal threats is vital to the health and welfare of all Americans and to our interests abroad.  We must protect and promote our many interests around the globe while fighting for a more just and democratic world.  Ukraine is an example of sovereignty under attack. I would vote to supply Ukraine with the arms it needs to defend its democracy.  If we allow Russia to strip Ukraine of its sovereignty, what stops China from taking Taiwan’s sovereignty? I worked to unite our state as business partners with Taiwan as Montana’s first Department of Commerce Director.  I support all efforts to strengthen our democracy and to maintain a strong, well funded military to keep our nation safe.

Crime and Law Enforcement

I chaired the Montana Board of Crime Control and have led or supported four mill levies to increase funding for law enforcement in Billings. Law enforcement officers will always have a friend in me. Funding, not defunding, the police is critical to keeping our communities safe. I oppose the privatization of prisons in Montana, and I would increase federal resources to finally end the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Veterans' Issues

Montana is home to more than 90,000 veterans, including many who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I strongly believe that our nation owes a debt of gratitude to those who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. This means assisting them as they transition into the civilian workforce, fighting to make sure they secure the benefits they have earned, and working to put a roof over the head of every veteran. I am also committed to ensuring the security of the United States and its allies, promoting America’s military, economic, and moral leadership around the world, supporting our servicemembers and civilian workforce, and enhancing regional economic opportunities through technological innovation. I will work relentlessly to make sure that women and men who have served our country have access to the resources and services they need.