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Gary Buchanan


As a business owner, Gary Buchanan has always taken an active interest in Montana and been involved on the state and local level to protect and promote Montana values and assets.

Gary is a lifelong political Independent. He has split his vote on Montana politics for almost 45 years, and he has served a half-dozen Republican and Democrat Governors.

A partial list of Gary’s experience includes:

  • First Department of Commerce Director
  • Former Chairman of the Montana Banking Board
  • Served two terms on the Montana Board of Investments including Chairman
  • Chairman of the Board of Crime Control
  • Served on the Montana Power Authority
  • Former Chairman of the Nature Conservancy of Montana

Awarded lifetime Honorary Membership for National Trout Unlimited


Devoted to Family.  Devoted to Montana Values.

Devoted to Doing What is Right.


“I have known Gary Buchanan  to be an honest man who has a great love of Montana, and I trust him to make good decisions and serve Montana well. ”

Dave Lewis, former Republican lawmaker, March 2022.

Think independently. Vote Independent.


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Gary Buchanan

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